a Guitar for Gamers

This is not a game. There is a bit of a game, if that makes you feel more comfortable, but that is not what this is.

chipTuned is an arcade instrument. It's a synthesizer, or a chipTuner, or any other cute name we want to give it. It is a guitar for gamers.

You will not be taught how to play a "real" instrument. You already know how to play one, your controller.  You will not be taught the language of music. You will discover it, through a language you already know. The language of  games. 

Poetics aside, what can you actually do with this thing? You can make chipTunes. This synthesizer is a reconstruction of the classic sound chips from the 8-Bit era of gaming. chipTuned: a POKEY punk console reconstructs the sound synthesis capabilities of the classic Atari sound chip, POKEY. This chip was capable of square wave and pseudo-random noise generation, on multiple channels. While simplistic in it's construction and limited in it's waveform generation, compared to other chips, the POKEY's wealth of sonic possibilities was enormous. 

With that you can interact with the objects in the world and build the sound, or timbre, of your instrument. Play the walls of the Chamber itself to unlock the music. Set in motion a living drone machine that you can swim through, your very movements changing the color of the sound. Or take your time and construct melodies and percussion patterns that you can shift through, creating even more complex compositions. 

All you need to do is play.

the Pokey punk console demo is available now, as pay what you want :) 

there are also spots available for a limited early access program. You'll get to try out all of the different builds leading up to the full release, and participate in any discussions related to the development. Buying in now, will also give you access to all future versions of the game, on any platform it is released on. See a future post for more details on the roadmap for chipTuned development.


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